Allure Hoops by Isharya

These gorgeous chandelier earrings are 18K Gold plated Sterling Silver. They are uber affordable since they aren't fully gold which is great because they have the appearance of an outrageous pair of earrings that look like they cost a mint! The gold has a hammered look making it edgy and glamorous at the same time. An the stones, white topaz, look like diamonds but are a semi-precious stone at a much more affordable level. Beautiful black tie pair of earrings for the girl who is having a "gold rush" period with her choice of bling. 

The pair pictured are from Jennifer Kaufman Boutique in L.A. and retail for $135. There is a pair on the Isharya website that are larger for $255. 

They are lightweight, don't weigh down my ear at all. I have very long, curly hair and they are not getting caught at all. No pulls on my clothing either. 

The line was created by two moms that were combining family, budget, glamour. they believe that a woman should feel and look beautiful and feel luxurious any time any day. 

The greatest thing about this jewelry line and company is that ANY piece that you see can be custom made according to your budget... that's how wonderfully flexible and devoted they are to their clients. 

"So if you covet something on their site or desire a unique piece, don't be shy"... contact them!!

Tell them The Face Files sent ya!

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