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Like A Fool, I Fell In Love With You...

Split Crystal Bracelet by Matthew Williamson for Swarovski

Multicolored beaded bracelet with Swarovski crystal embellishment. This design by Matthew Williamson, has a hinge and simply slips on. Right on the money, as always, Matt.

Retails for $750.



Interview with Celeste & Satu Greenberg: Co-owners of Tuleste Market (the most fabulous vintage inspired jewelry line EVER!)

Okay Girls and Boys (I am seriously speaking to both). Meet Celeste and Satu Greenberg (center), co-owners of Tuleste Market). Males and Females LOVE THIS LINE and so. do. I. 

What jewelry trends do you hope stay popular this year?

We are not big on following trends and like to wear whatever look we're channeling on a particular day.  If you wear something with confidence and put it together in the right way you are then creating a trend.  We design jewelry that we want to wear, and do always :)

What statement piece of jewelry do you think every woman should own?

Every woman should own our small hammered square necklace that can be worn from day to evening.  For day it creates a nice contrast to a simple look and can dress up any evening look for a trendy, chic, and classic vibe. (On sale limited time until this wed at 11am

What is your "go to" piece? 
At the moment our go to piece, which changes weekly ;), is our Long Braided Pearl Necklace.  We wear it long, wrapped twice or knotted and cannot get enough of it.
What's your personal favorite piece of jewelry? 
Our favorite piece of jewelry is one that's part of our new collection and is a true show stopper.  It's the Interlocking Crystal Circles Necklace which will be coming in a bunch of fun colors shortly. 
Check out AND for a limited time


Interview with Janice Cruz Brooks: Brooklyn Babe and Lead Singer of Kill the Moonlight, Guitarist for Hesta Prynn

Continuing our interviews with fashionistas in NY and L.A.... 

Please meet Janice Cruz Brooks. Singer of Kill The Moonlight, Guitarist for Hesta Prynn, vocal coach, sound engineer, NEW BRIDE, and Tweeter (Follow her here)!!! 

Which rock and roll accessory trends do you hope stay popular this year?

Wow, I don't really know what's popular right now...I'd really like to use some great guitar straps that pop as accessories. Anyone can dress in rock and roll clothes but no one can just design or wear a great guitar strap.

What statement piece of jewelry or accessory do you think every woman should own?

Any piece of jewelry they can wear everyday with pride. I'm a sentimental jewelry wearer. I wear what my husband gives me because he has the best taste and because he's always on tour with his band most of the year, I always feel like he's with me.

What is your "go to" piece?

The short black skirt. On stage I love wearing unique tights and leggings or just going bare-legged with my boots. So I have a bunch of black skirts that aren't too distracting to the leggings.

What's your personal favorite accessory?

Black leggings. I will wear them all year round. All sorts of them. I Love them. I've been trying to experiment with some colors lately. We'll see how that goes haha

You were recently married. Is there a unique piece of jewelry you wore on your wedding day?

My husband surprised me with a fancy Tiffany Key for our wedding. It was beyond anything I hoped for. So I wore that.

Could you recommend an off-beat piece of jewelry for non-traditional brides?

My mom is an amazing and unique jewelry designer and I was originally going to wear one of her pieces but, since I wore the piece my husband got me, I asked her to design all of the jewelry for the bridesmaids. She created these beautiful hand made these semi-precious stone encrusted, sterling silver bubble blowers that she hung on chains that could be worn as necklaces or wrapped around the wrists for bracelets. The stones coordinated with the bridesmaids birthdays or favorite stones or colors. They are gorgeous and so unique.

There's also a piece on her website that is a hand wrapped "gardenia" that would be perfect for a non-traditional bride. It is Gorgeous.

**Okay Folks, I am OBSESSED with Janice's mom's etsy store. Specifically this gemstone Serpent!!! **

Blue Morning, Blue Day, Why Won't You See Things My Way?

Resin Bangle by Kenneth Jay Lane

This spring and summer head turner is made of resin with a grained circle design. Not too heavy and mixes perfectly with an arm full of thin gold bangles.

It has a beveled design reinventing the popular "stud" or pyramid design of the last two seasons.

About 8" around, it fits a small to medium wrist. 

Retails for $45.

*available in different colors!!


Interview with Alexi Tavel: New York Girl Around Town and Owner of October Anniversary

As you know, for the next month we are interviewing some of our favorite ladies in NYC and L.A. These beautiful women are accessory inspiration. 

Readers, meet Alexi Tavel. Beautiful, stylish, and sweet to boot! Her style is bohemian chic and accented perfectly with a mix of vintage and contemporary adornments. SOME MADE BY HER OWN LINE! Check out her incredible ECO-friendly jewelry line,

What jewelry trends do you hope stay popular this year?

Large and in Charge! :) I love jewelry that makes a statement and is more a form of wearable art.

What statement piece of jewelry do you think every woman should own?

I think every woman should own a piece of jewelry that gives them confidence or makes them feel special. Jewelry in history has been used to represent status, nobility, and power. When I put on certain pieces of jewelry I instantly feel more confident and powerful. It doesn't have to be anything over-the-top or super expensive, sometimes just a piece that has sentimental value is enough.

What is your "go to" piece?

Haha, that is almost impossible for me to answer. I really dress myself with clothes and jewelry based on my mood. And I have so much jewelry that I can't focus on just one piece because the others will get jealous ;)
But I have to say that lately I have been wearing the Deconstructed Cosmos ring from October Anniversary. It is big and makes a statement but it's very lightweight and comfortable to wear all day at the office.

Where did you find it? Did you design it?

It just so happens that I did design it :)

What's your personal favorite piece of jewelry?

As I said before, jewelry that makes you feel something is definitely the best. I have a necklace that was my great great grandmother's that is definitely my absolute favorite. It's a huge chandelier necklace made of lightweight cast coins and the style is actually really in right now! Funny how things come back around. It's so old that the jump rings are starting to wear out, so I'm a little afraid to wear it too much in case I lose one of the coins. My runner-up favorite that is a little more wearable is a zodiac coin with my sign, Sagittarius, on the back. It was given to me by a friend who inherited it from her grandmother. So again, it's got that sentimental value :)

To Everything, There is a Season...

Evoking the hue of a magical ice palace, agate and rock crystal are polished to a smooth finish in this drop pendant necklace made for all seasons. Each stone is unique making each necklace one of a kind. 
Tis the season where coats become optional and (Ahem!) Accessories are the main attraction the moment we step out the door. 

Retails for $735.00


Interview with Jennifer Gilbert: Save the Date Owner and Real Housewife of New York

For the next month, we will be posting quick interviews with some of New York and LA's most fabulous and fashionable ladies. Each has their own jewelry identity and we think you should get to know them too! 

           Meet Jennifer Gilbert. We love her AND her style! She is the 
           owner of event planning company, Save the Date, and the newest  
           addition to Bravo's, The Real Housewives of New York.
So, we asked her some jewelry related questions and got some delicious answers.... (and might I add, when she makes her debut on RHNY on Bravo in May, you will see first hand her jewelry personality. AND IT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!) 
What jewelry trends do you hope stay popular this year? 
 I’m all about the one, or two big signature pieces.  Right now Im into a statement necklace, its a large necklace I bought from Catherine Malandrino with fabric and stones sewn onto a piece of leather, its great with a cocktail dress or a tee shirtor a large big gold art deco cuff bracelet and no watch. So Im hoping the necklace thing stays around for a while.
What statement piece of jewelry do you think every woman should own?   
A great pair of gold hoop earrings, as they can transition an outfit, and one really large cocktail ring.
What is your "go to" piece?  
A long link gold chain with  a collection of over 10 charms I have accumulated over the last 5 years made by Jennifer Fisher.  It has everything from a gold skull with diamonds to a black pave disk and a moon with my childrens initials on it.  I wear it almost every day with every different outfit.  Because its a link chain I can vary the length of it so it can be worn long over a shirt or pulled tighter as a chocker.
Where did you find it? Did you design it?  
Jennifer started her business the same year my daughter was born so I have bought many charms over the years along with the birth of my kids, birthdays and occasions.  I did not design the charms but I did choose the pieces, and I alternate which charms I pair together on what it always looks different.
What's your personal favorite piece of jewelry?   
My engagement ring.  Its completely unique and that one I did design.  Its art deco and very architectural.  As a wedding planner, I didnt want to see anyone else wearing my ring, so that one is my favorite piece and I never take it off!


You'll Get It Pretty Soon Unless...

Floating Double Finger Ring by Skinny

An open top double finger ring. Comes in an assortment of color and metal combinations.

The gold and silver aren't real which makes for awesome price point. This piece is just a fun statement. (At least Rihanna think so).

Retails for $38.00

The sizing has a unique twist so read the instructions.



You Turn Left, I Turn Right...

Castor Fedora by Brixton

Natural Straw with a burgundy silk lining. These hats are light-weight and come just a bit snug as they will naturally stretch as you wear them.

A favorite of the So-Cal crowd as well the bulk of Bedford Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Brixton has multiple designs suitable for both warmer weather and chillier times.

Retails for $40

Find the style that suits you best at

He Never Made Her Think Twice....

Have you ever wondered where to find those "one-of-a-kind" edgy pieces that celebrities and other stylish chicks rock around the streets of New York and L.A.? Well look no further. Each and every piece of jewelry fromMeredith Khan’s Made Her Think collection practically begs you to conjure your inner rock star. 

Galvanized by the joys of both life and death, her jewelry combines the essence of just the right amount of 
neo grunge with vintage Victorian charm.  Meredith’s designs radiate a dark ruminate romanticism that plays with the apperception of what could be described as a medieval allure.

Launched in 2004, her work has blessed the pages of 
VogueAllureIn Style and Elle. Needless to say that most of today’s celebrity stylists (i.e. Britt Bardo
continuously incorporate Meredith’s pieces into their photo shoots/editorial endeavors.Angelina JolieBlake LivelyMary-Kate OlsenRihanna, and Diane Kruger all love wearing Meredith’s Made Her Think Collection and with very good reason; her designs are beautiful, yet BOLD with each piece carrying a vintage one of a kind element to it. 

Meredith came into my studio to work on her LEATHER handbag collection (
which btw is ridiculously sexy, with the same Goth Allure aesthetic as her jewelry line) and I instantly fell in love with her.
She’s inadvertently creating an “ACCESSORY INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION” whether she knows it or not.  
Made Her Think Jewelry is reasonably priced so, even in this economic climate, we can still afford to properly accessorize without dipping into your rent stash.  I assure you that since I received my Talon Knuckle Buster ring I’ve been stopped at least a dozen times and asked “where do I get one?” 
You can purchase her pieces at

This fabulous article was written Sam Jones (LIBRA LEATHER and author of

Would You Be a Happy Boy or Girl?

Oscar Diamond Divas: Red Carpet Jewelry Trends for 2010 and Beyond

The hype is over, the awards have been announced and the statues have been given out. Now the real race is on: The fight for best dressed on Oscar night begins as soon as the telecast ends. There was a little something for everyone this year–from rippling ruffles to perfect pintucks and from hot pink to glittering gold.

But sometimes the littlest details are the most interesting (and the most expensive!), so let’s take a closer look at the jewel trends that rocked this year’s red carpet.

Delicate Drop Earrings

In years past, massive chandelier earrings were pulling down earlobes all over the country. But 2010 is seeing a more refined–and less weighty–look in the form of small, simple diamond drops. Best Actress-winner Sandra Bullock perfectly illustrated this understated look: Wearing a sparkly metallic Marchesa gown with tons of detail meant toning down her jewels. She chose to wear her own Neil Lane diamond drops in order to show off the dress to its fullest.

Zoe Saldana, star of Avatar, also decided to go this route. Her heavily embellished Givenchy Haute Couture gown was all sparkle on top and all texture on the bottom. The addition of custom-made Lorraine Schwartz bronzed platinum diamond drops offset the look perfectly without making too much of a statement.

Want to get the red carpet look at a price that won’t break the bank? Instead of choosing multi-carat diamond drops, pick a small round shape covered with smaller points of diamonds. Feminine earrings like the Geneviéve or the Frédérique give subtle sparkle that will never go out of style.

Colored Diamonds

While classic white diamonds were all over the Oscar stage, many women broke the mold with elegant–and au courantcolored diamonds. Unlike choosing brightly colored gemstones, most colored diamonds remain within a refined, understated palette of browns, yellows and pinks.

Amanda Seyfried, gorgeous in Armani Privé, paired the bold gown with brown, champagne and mint diamond Geometric Bracelets and a brown diamond ball ring by Lorraine Schwartz. Rachel McAdams, resplendent in a Elie Saab watercolor-patterned strapless dress, matched the muted colors with natural multi-colored diamond earrings also by Lorraine Schwartz. Both of these young stars went with stones that complimented their ensembles–an easy way to finish a look.

One actress who took a different route was Mo’Nique. Radiant in royal blue Tadashi Shoji, the Best Supporting Actress winner accessorized with contrastingyellow diamond jewels from Chopard. Whether you choose to mix or match your diamond colors to your clothes, you can be sure to be noticed.

From the Vault Vintage

Fashion’s biggest night wouldn’t be complete without some jaw-dropping jewels from decades past. Carey Mulligan, Meryl Streep and Sarah Jessica Parker all proved that looking back means looking good. Best Actress-nominee Mulligan went antique with spectacular 19th-Century Fred Leighton cascading diamond earrings and pear-shaped ring, while fashionista Parker’s Leighton pieces were totally retro: A 1950s swirl diamond bracelet was the standout.

Meryl Streep, usually one to wear bold gemstone jewels, went toned-down with classic Leighton square pavé diamond ear clips from the 1920s. Matched with her classic Chris March white column, she looked every bit the movie star. Want to get the look now? Try these Pavé diamond heart earrings for similar shimmer and just as much glam.

This post is courtesy of Jewelry Boutique!!
To shop an extensive selection of diamond jewelry, log on to


Over the Shoulder, Boulder Holder...

Acrylic Laser Cut Bra Necklace designed by Metal Sugar

Now you can show off your bra without feeling embarrassed! This adorable piece looks best short, but you can have it any length you want!

Approx: 2.5" x 2"

Retails for $45 (18")


Sunday Afternoon with Me....

Hi All, 
I receive many emails asking about me... so... I took a page from a favorite blogger of mine and am going to give you my low down... (via HER questions!!) 

I have Five tattoos, four of them make up a "sleeve" on my right arm.  My style icons are Kate Hudson (for laid back rocker), P!NK (for edgy, fun, adverturous) and Donna Karan (for sensible bohemian).   In my shower: Neutrogena Rain Bath shower gel, Murad  AHA BHA exfoliating cleanser, Rusk shampoo and conditioner, St. Ives apricot scrub.  Favorite song: Dessert Rose (Sting). I don’t know how to cook very well and am far from domestic but I am reading, The Art and Science of Keeping House and learning fast.  I don't visit Thrift Shops nearly enough.  The most expensive thing I’ve ever splurged on was jewelry from Jennifer Fisher NYC.  I am the owner of a sweet children's clothing line, Buddha Belly NYC.  My favorite designers are Opening Ceremony, Prada, Free People. 
-Where did you go to college and what did you study?
I went to Penn State and studied journalism. Theeeeeen I went to Studio Jewelers in NYC to learn wax modeling, casting, molds, diamond setting, renderings, etc. So, although I do not put too use the jewelry making skills I have learned, I do know how to spot good jewelry and construction when I see it.
-What do you do for a living ?
I am the owner of a small children's clothing line (see above) and am an events sales manager at a large venue in NYC.
-What’s your favorite city?
Aside from my home of NYC and Brooklyn. I HEART AUSTIN, TX!!!
-What do you like to do on your down time?
Music, hanging in my own home, hiking, drawing, reading, and blogging (shocker).
-What kind of music do you listen to?
I am a heavy metal girl! I love Iron Maiden, Coheed, Metallica. But I am certainly slow it down for Sting, Pearl Jam, Florence and the Machine. 
-Do you have Twitter?
Yes! Follow me HERE.
-Why did you start a blog?
I am addicted to jewelry. I think it can complete an outfit. It can change a mood. I just wanted to provide a one stop shop for people who are intimidated by the idea of finding their "piece".  
-How long does it take you to write posts?
Sometimes minutes, sometimes an hour, sometimes, a day.
-Which are your favorite stores (for cheap and expensive) for accessories?
Expensive: Barney's, Neimans, Verve, Jennifer Fisher, ShopBop, Etsy
Inexpensive: Forever 21,, Etsy, Satya, Good Will
-What are five pieces of jewelry every woman should own?
1. Statement Necklace (Big, Colorful, Flashy)
2. A single diamond band (even the tiniest, thinnest, sparkly little band will do. Make it large enough to wear on at least your pointer and middle fingers. This always adds a bit of rich sparkle to your hand.)
3. Diamond Studs (work well with any other big piece of jewelry or headband/hair piece)
4. An oversized cocktail ring (try Rings Eclectic, Alexis Bittar, Sheila Fajl, October Anniversary)

5. A Great Watch (I prefer a Rolex or Tag)
-How can I find MY signature piece?
Why just one?  Your signature pieces are the ones that move you as soon as you see them. They somehow fit with every outfit you out own (or you think so anyway). 
-What are you favorite shops (for jewelry) in your 'hood?
Old Hollywood, Verve, Cat Bird, Satya, Fragments, Thistle & Clover