Interview with Jennifer Gilbert: Save the Date Owner and Real Housewife of New York

For the next month, we will be posting quick interviews with some of New York and LA's most fabulous and fashionable ladies. Each has their own jewelry identity and we think you should get to know them too! 

           Meet Jennifer Gilbert. We love her AND her style! She is the 
           owner of event planning company, Save the Date, and the newest  
           addition to Bravo's, The Real Housewives of New York.
So, we asked her some jewelry related questions and got some delicious answers.... (and might I add, when she makes her debut on RHNY on Bravo in May, you will see first hand her jewelry personality. AND IT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!) 
What jewelry trends do you hope stay popular this year? 
 I’m all about the one, or two big signature pieces.  Right now Im into a statement necklace, its a large necklace I bought from Catherine Malandrino with fabric and stones sewn onto a piece of leather, its great with a cocktail dress or a tee shirtor a large big gold art deco cuff bracelet and no watch. So Im hoping the necklace thing stays around for a while.
What statement piece of jewelry do you think every woman should own?   
A great pair of gold hoop earrings, as they can transition an outfit, and one really large cocktail ring.
What is your "go to" piece?  
A long link gold chain with  a collection of over 10 charms I have accumulated over the last 5 years made by Jennifer Fisher.  It has everything from a gold skull with diamonds to a black pave disk and a moon with my childrens initials on it.  I wear it almost every day with every different outfit.  Because its a link chain I can vary the length of it so it can be worn long over a shirt or pulled tighter as a chocker.
Where did you find it? Did you design it?  
Jennifer started her business the same year my daughter was born so I have bought many charms over the years along with the birth of my kids, birthdays and occasions.  I did not design the charms but I did choose the pieces, and I alternate which charms I pair together on what days..so it always looks different.
What's your personal favorite piece of jewelry?   
My engagement ring.  Its completely unique and that one I did design.  Its art deco and very architectural.  As a wedding planner, I didnt want to see anyone else wearing my ring, so that one is my favorite piece and I never take it off!

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  1. Although I'm not a fan of the real housewives, she actually seems quite classy.