Interview with Alexi Tavel: New York Girl Around Town and Owner of October Anniversary

As you know, for the next month we are interviewing some of our favorite ladies in NYC and L.A. These beautiful women are accessory inspiration. 

Readers, meet Alexi Tavel. Beautiful, stylish, and sweet to boot! Her style is bohemian chic and accented perfectly with a mix of vintage and contemporary adornments. SOME MADE BY HER OWN LINE! Check out her incredible ECO-friendly jewelry line,

What jewelry trends do you hope stay popular this year?

Large and in Charge! :) I love jewelry that makes a statement and is more a form of wearable art.

What statement piece of jewelry do you think every woman should own?

I think every woman should own a piece of jewelry that gives them confidence or makes them feel special. Jewelry in history has been used to represent status, nobility, and power. When I put on certain pieces of jewelry I instantly feel more confident and powerful. It doesn't have to be anything over-the-top or super expensive, sometimes just a piece that has sentimental value is enough.

What is your "go to" piece?

Haha, that is almost impossible for me to answer. I really dress myself with clothes and jewelry based on my mood. And I have so much jewelry that I can't focus on just one piece because the others will get jealous ;)
But I have to say that lately I have been wearing the Deconstructed Cosmos ring from October Anniversary. It is big and makes a statement but it's very lightweight and comfortable to wear all day at the office.

Where did you find it? Did you design it?

It just so happens that I did design it :)

What's your personal favorite piece of jewelry?

As I said before, jewelry that makes you feel something is definitely the best. I have a necklace that was my great great grandmother's that is definitely my absolute favorite. It's a huge chandelier necklace made of lightweight cast coins and the style is actually really in right now! Funny how things come back around. It's so old that the jump rings are starting to wear out, so I'm a little afraid to wear it too much in case I lose one of the coins. My runner-up favorite that is a little more wearable is a zodiac coin with my sign, Sagittarius, on the back. It was given to me by a friend who inherited it from her grandmother. So again, it's got that sentimental value :)

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