Interview with Janice Cruz Brooks: Brooklyn Babe and Lead Singer of Kill the Moonlight, Guitarist for Hesta Prynn

Continuing our interviews with fashionistas in NY and L.A.... 

Please meet Janice Cruz Brooks. Singer of Kill The Moonlight, Guitarist for Hesta Prynn, vocal coach, sound engineer, NEW BRIDE, and Tweeter (Follow her here)!!! 

Which rock and roll accessory trends do you hope stay popular this year?

Wow, I don't really know what's popular right now...I'd really like to use some great guitar straps that pop as accessories. Anyone can dress in rock and roll clothes but no one can just design or wear a great guitar strap.

What statement piece of jewelry or accessory do you think every woman should own?

Any piece of jewelry they can wear everyday with pride. I'm a sentimental jewelry wearer. I wear what my husband gives me because he has the best taste and because he's always on tour with his band most of the year, I always feel like he's with me.

What is your "go to" piece?

The short black skirt. On stage I love wearing unique tights and leggings or just going bare-legged with my boots. So I have a bunch of black skirts that aren't too distracting to the leggings.

What's your personal favorite accessory?

Black leggings. I will wear them all year round. All sorts of them. I Love them. I've been trying to experiment with some colors lately. We'll see how that goes haha

You were recently married. Is there a unique piece of jewelry you wore on your wedding day?

My husband surprised me with a fancy Tiffany Key for our wedding. It was beyond anything I hoped for. So I wore that.

Could you recommend an off-beat piece of jewelry for non-traditional brides?

My mom is an amazing and unique jewelry designer and I was originally going to wear one of her pieces but, since I wore the piece my husband got me, I asked her to design all of the jewelry for the bridesmaids. She created these beautiful hand made these semi-precious stone encrusted, sterling silver bubble blowers that she hung on chains that could be worn as necklaces or wrapped around the wrists for bracelets. The stones coordinated with the bridesmaids birthdays or favorite stones or colors. They are gorgeous and so unique.

There's also a piece on her website that is a hand wrapped "gardenia" that would be perfect for a non-traditional bride. It is Gorgeous.

**Okay Folks, I am OBSESSED with Janice's mom's etsy store. Specifically this gemstone Serpent!!! **

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