Beetle Mania

Product: Edie Cuff by Lauren Wimmer
Details: Faceted Labradorite, gold filled chain, vermeil Beetle and clasp. 
Retail: $200 (

Product: Small Scarab by Lauren Wimmer
Details: Turquoise drops on Gold Plated Stamp
Retail: $70 (

Each piece in Lauren Wimmer's collection is handmade. She merges earth elements such as Wood and bone with glass, semi-precious stones, and rock crystals. The pieces have a chic nature element to them. Very feminine and whimsical, brings you back to your childhood when playing with bugs was a past time. 

There was a time when people wore live beetles (scarabs) as jewelry. Scarab beetles are thought to have magical powers. It is now illegal so this is an excellent way to continue to honor the beetle as an accessory. 

I own the earrings and love them. They are lightweight and fetch many a comment. I wear them alone as they are a statement piece all on their own. 

You can find Lauren's items here. Also available at Thistle & Clover in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. 

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