Recession Rings Eclectic

Product: Oversized Pearlesque Ring by Rings Eclectic
Details: Black acrylic oversized circular ring with a large mother-of-pearl-esque stone in the centre. Rings Eclectic ring has brass plated detailing and small semi-precious gems.

Times are tough and our wallets may be thin but that doesn't mean our jewelry has to be. 
In fact, I would love to wear this piece on my middle finger and .... well, you get the point. 

The ring is so hot... it's like high society meets Ozzy. The ring has a great synergy, all the elements bleed into one another. And the juxtaposition of the pearl and the black rhinestones and the bold base .. delicious. To add to my delusional recession bliss, the retail price is only $130. 

This piece will be mine ... oh yes, it will be mine... 

You can buy it here.

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