"The Most stylish pieces have been handpicked for you"... Tuleste Market

Tuleste Market... created by sisters Celeste & Satu Greenberg. Not everyone has the patience or talent for vintage shopping. But these girls do and have used their skills to provide incredible jewelry with a vintage edge for us with their jewelry line. 

The metal pieces are typically available in gold, silver, rose gold, and gun metal making it possible to experiment... mix and match if you will!

The piece shown above, the Bib Necklace, is available in white and black currently but I heard they are expanding the color selection in the spring. I think this piece would scream for kudos  in cruise colors. I personally own this piece and get non-stop compliments when I wear it out. 

It has an "it came with the what I am wearing" feel, it goes with everything! 

The retail is $262 -395 depending on what site you see it on... 

I prefer to do my shopping straight from the source... check out Tuleste Market's own website......

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