Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds...

CZ Eternity Hoop Earrings by DiamonUltra

Silver Tone Metal secures a thin row of CZ (just like the real thing, yea right!) on an eternity hoop earring about 2.25" in diameter. 

Retails for $49.00

Now listen, yea, I would LOVE the real thing, but I cannot afford that these days. And frankly, we all need to wise up to the fact that CZ's look like diamonds (from afar). These are so chic, sparkle a ton! If one flies off while you are dancing or running to the subway, oh well, you won't have a heart attack ... because they are fake! FAKE! FAKE! (I can say it without cringing.) 

I also know these aren't some hidden treasure piece, but every now and then I need to add a classic, fun, affordable piece that may just end up being a staple in your wardrobe. Just trying to help. Anyway, they are pretty to look at. 

Of course I would rather have the real thing.... example shown HERE... 

But for now, I shop HERE!!

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