When I Put on a Show...

Luxe Black and Silver Stone Stuffed Bib Necklace by Ezza Exclusive

Each circle motif has a diameter of 2.5 inches brining the total width of the piece to 7 inches and height to 7.5 inches. The black ribbon tie backs are a combined length of 40 inches. Each motif has a waxed edge as to NOT fray. The silver stones vibrant and shimmery. 

Retails for $65.00

Excellent bold necklace to basic white shirt, nude dress,  or LBD...

Look Familiar??  Britney Spears Circus Video?? Yep. Something like that.

You may purchase this piece by Emailing me and I will connect you to the private seller. 

Yep, it's THAT V.I.P. 

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