Blue on Blue....

1960's Navajo Cluster Bracelet

Genuine Turquoise stones arranged in traditional Navajo design. The Circumference of the bracelet is three inches and the hand picked stones are set in Sterling Silver.

Retails for $1,600.00

**Insider tip: there are multiple versions of this bracelet on eBay. I searched Navajo Turq* bracelet and the list provided had over 270 options, about 100 of them were this EXACT bracelet. If you are wondering why I wrote "turq*" and not the entire word, it is because turquoise is commonly misspelled so if you just type the first four letters and add the "*", eBay will list all turquoise options whether they are spelled correctly OR misspelled.

Check out our bohemian fashionista, Kate Hudson, rocking her Navajo cuff in the streets of NYC.

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