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Spiked Turban Headband by Jennifer Behr

Available in cream, lilac or stone, this silk satin turban, loaded with delightful silver hardware, takes a turn away from punk and towards old Hollywood in these luminescent colored satins. Wear this piece with flowing locks to soften the package, or a swept back bun for a sharper sleek approach. And, for those still harboring a punk at heart, we're also offering this style in black - because, black is always the next black. Finished at back with elastic and patent leather tabs.
Retails for $475
You can shop at
I heart me some Jennifer Behr. However, I also have DIY for this. I bought a satin Prada (yes, real Prada) turban headband on eBay for $200. Aaaaaand then I bought a pack of studs and pyramids from eBay for $5 dollars and made a very similar headband to the one pictured. (I will post my photos later, once the piece is worn or styled in a manner comparable to the one shown here.) For those of you who do not have time or patience to create this look yourself, buy from Jennifer, her pieces are heart stopping. 

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