Sunday Afternoon with Me....

Hi All, 
I receive many emails asking about me... so... I took a page from a favorite blogger of mine and am going to give you my low down... (via HER questions!!) 

I have Five tattoos, four of them make up a "sleeve" on my right arm.  My style icons are Kate Hudson (for laid back rocker), P!NK (for edgy, fun, adverturous) and Donna Karan (for sensible bohemian).   In my shower: Neutrogena Rain Bath shower gel, Murad  AHA BHA exfoliating cleanser, Rusk shampoo and conditioner, St. Ives apricot scrub.  Favorite song: Dessert Rose (Sting). I don’t know how to cook very well and am far from domestic but I am reading, The Art and Science of Keeping House and learning fast.  I don't visit Thrift Shops nearly enough.  The most expensive thing I’ve ever splurged on was jewelry from Jennifer Fisher NYC.  I am the owner of a sweet children's clothing line, Buddha Belly NYC.  My favorite designers are Opening Ceremony, Prada, Free People. 
-Where did you go to college and what did you study?
I went to Penn State and studied journalism. Theeeeeen I went to Studio Jewelers in NYC to learn wax modeling, casting, molds, diamond setting, renderings, etc. So, although I do not put too use the jewelry making skills I have learned, I do know how to spot good jewelry and construction when I see it.
-What do you do for a living ?
I am the owner of a small children's clothing line (see above) and am an events sales manager at a large venue in NYC.
-What’s your favorite city?
Aside from my home of NYC and Brooklyn. I HEART AUSTIN, TX!!!
-What do you like to do on your down time?
Music, hanging in my own home, hiking, drawing, reading, and blogging (shocker).
-What kind of music do you listen to?
I am a heavy metal girl! I love Iron Maiden, Coheed, Metallica. But I am certainly slow it down for Sting, Pearl Jam, Florence and the Machine. 
-Do you have Twitter?
Yes! Follow me HERE.
-Why did you start a blog?
I am addicted to jewelry. I think it can complete an outfit. It can change a mood. I just wanted to provide a one stop shop for people who are intimidated by the idea of finding their "piece".  
-How long does it take you to write posts?
Sometimes minutes, sometimes an hour, sometimes, a day.
-Which are your favorite stores (for cheap and expensive) for accessories?
Expensive: Barney's, Neimans, Verve, Jennifer Fisher, ShopBop, Etsy
Inexpensive: Forever 21,, Etsy, Satya, Good Will
-What are five pieces of jewelry every woman should own?
1. Statement Necklace (Big, Colorful, Flashy)
2. A single diamond band (even the tiniest, thinnest, sparkly little band will do. Make it large enough to wear on at least your pointer and middle fingers. This always adds a bit of rich sparkle to your hand.)
3. Diamond Studs (work well with any other big piece of jewelry or headband/hair piece)
4. An oversized cocktail ring (try Rings Eclectic, Alexis Bittar, Sheila Fajl, October Anniversary)

5. A Great Watch (I prefer a Rolex or Tag)
-How can I find MY signature piece?
Why just one?  Your signature pieces are the ones that move you as soon as you see them. They somehow fit with every outfit you out own (or you think so anyway). 
-What are you favorite shops (for jewelry) in your 'hood?
Old Hollywood, Verve, Cat Bird, Satya, Fragments, Thistle & Clover 

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