Flower in Your Hand...

Arty Flower Ring by Yves Saint Laurent (my heart is skipping beats)

Varying abstract flower embellishments molded into a gold ring with a thick gold band. Size range from 5-8.

I have not found exactly what gold it is (vermeil? gold -filled?) But I tell you, this ring and all the rings in the current Arty collection are delectable. 

Retails for $195

Side notes:  Yes, I know all the big magazines have already blown up the spot on these rings, but I know a ton of gals that don't know where to find them and I have gotten a ton of emails from girls describing these rings, not knowing who they are by. Yes, the most stylish of New Yorkers (think Rachel Sheedy) have them on lock down, but some of us need a little help!
The best selection of YSL rings are on the YSL website and Net-a-porter.

So...... Shop HERE or HERE!

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